Contributions to the spines package are welcome and credit will be given for any contributions via the file. There are a few things to note when making contributions:

  • This project uses numpy-style docstrings and all code must be thoroughly documented in order for it to be accepted. For more information on the docstring format see the numpydoc docstring guide and numpy docstring examples.

  • This project follows the PEP8 standards for code style and all new code must follow the same conventions.

  • Please conduct yourself in a polite and respectful manner, in accordance with the project’s code of conduct.

  • Please ensure that any and all contributions made to the project are yours and belong to you, do not violate any agreements or infringe upon the intellectual property of any other individual or organization that you may be bound to.

  • This project is licensed under the MIT License (see this page for details), all contributions which are accepted and included in the project will be subject to that license’s terms.

First fork the repository to create a copy to make your changes on. Once you’ve finished your contribution you will need to ensure that the project’s unit tests all pass and that the code passes flake8 and coverage tests.

Once you’ve ensured the code passes all tests you can then submit a pull request on the project’s github repository.